What is a waterproof dry bag?


Waterproof bags are a must for those who travel extensively or hike outdoors. Even if you are carrying a professional mountaineering bag, you will also wear a rain shield. Either way, using a waterproof bag or a rain shield is the best way to protect what you're carrying. So, what kind of bag can be called waterproof bag? Judging from the name, "waterproof bag", as the name implies, is a waterproof bag. But actually, a true waterproof bag, have not just simple waterproof effect. Just think, when many travelers go out to play, go not only like Sanya or islands are water places, through the mountains into the forest, overnight in the mountains is also common; Walking up and down hills, rubbing or scraping branches, so in addition to water resistance, wear resistance, rubbing resistance and other aspects of the bag is also very important. Therefore, the waterproof bag in the market now, most of the TPU materials are used, not only the waterproof effect is better than one of the materials, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant protection effect is also very good. The most obvious type of package is the grooved package; Exploration into the hole, if the bag is not wear-resisting, a rub will break, and what mood to explore, think about how to take away the scattered things in the bag.
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